The Largest Floating PV System in Windsor, California

The Largest Floating PV System in Windsor, California

It is reported that Dongfang Risheng provided solar pv modules for the largest floating photovoltaic system in Windsor, California.

Recently, Global News of The United States reported that the largest floating solar system will be built on the sea in Windsor, California, USA. The installed capacity of the project is 1.78 MW, which is installed in the largest circulating water storage pool in the town. It is expected to meet the energy demand of 90% of the town's water treatment and pump facilities, The solar panel array will float in the pond and be tied to the shore to resist wind and seismic loads.

Dongfang Risheng New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Risheng") supplies all solar components for the project, with the product specification of 360W single crystal components. The 1.78mw system will generate electricity for the waste water recovery facility in Windsor, utility site and geyser pump station, providing about 90% of the power demand for the water recovery facility. At the same time, it can save about 30% power cost based on the existing grid services of the facility.

"This project is the first offshore project we have participated in the United States, and we are honored to be the landmark and largest offshore photovoltaic system project in the region," said Dongfang Risheng, “we cooperated with local installers this time, solar floating photovoltaic mountning suppliers, electrical companies, etc. to achieve the industry-leading photovoltaic system design, and provided services for local project construction together, and we also have made many efforts and have achieved great results.”

A 25 year lease and power purchase agreement (PPA) has been signed for this projects with Windsor town in order to provide discounted clean energy. The solar system will allow Windsor to better control its electricity costs in the face of rising utility prices. By signing this power purchase agreement, the town can significantly reduce energy costs without any investment, and offshore solar energy which is becoming an attractive energy alternative for municipalities to seek to reduce operating costs and preserve valuable land for other development.
Floating Photovoltaic System

"Our water recovery and company yard facilities currently account for 40% of the town's greenhouse gas emissions," said Toni Bertolero, director of public works in Windsor. "The installation of this new floating solar array at sea will reduce our dependence on energy sources by about 350 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is an important step towards achieving our climate action plan emission reduction targets. The floating solar project will cover only 22%  available surface area of the pond. It will not affect the biology of the pond, but will reduce the water loss caused by evaporation and inhibit the growth of algae. "

As the leader and pioneer of the global photovoltaic industry, Dongfang Risheng has always maintained a leading market insight into the layout of emerging markets and the development of new photovoltaic fields. They said that the surface photovoltaic power station system is one of the most potential power station forms in the future. According to relevant analysis, floating photovoltaic power station on the water surface will be widely developed and applied in the world. It is estimated that the total potential of floating power stations in all regions of the world exceeds 300GW, and the installation capacity target will exceeds 10GW in the next two years.