The Southeast Asia's Largest Floating Photovoltaic System

The Southeast Asia's Largest Floating Photovoltaic System

Southeast Asia's Largest Floating Photovoltaic Project with Full Capacity Grid Connected Power Generation

Recently, the Chilata Floating Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in the "Thousand Island Country" of Indonesia held a full capacity grid connected power generation ceremony, and Indonesian President Joko attended and delivered a speech. This project is Indonesia's first and largest floating photovoltaic system in Southeast Asia, as well as the world's deepest floating photovoltaic project under construction. It plays an important demonstration and leading role in the development of clean energy in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is located near the equator and is the world's largest archipelagic country, with abundant solar energy resources and inherent advantages in floating photovoltaic development. However, at the same time, the maximum water depth in the project area exceeds 100 meters. The underwater terrain is complex. The slope is steep. The rainy season is long. The silt layer is thick. There are special environments such as primitive forests that pose great challenges to construction. The high requirements for corrosion resistance, high waterproofing, and high reliability of power products are extremely high. After receiving the task, Hengtong Power Industry Group Cable Company quickly responded and formed a professional team to provide comprehensive product technical support for the first time. 

They designed unique water blocking structures and high-quality products that meet special environmental requirements, overcame a series of construction difficulties such as water operation laying and sudden weather changes, and ensured the successful construction of the project, which was highly recognized by the construction unit and the owner.

It is reported that as Indonesia's first large-scale centralized floating PV system, the Chilata photovoltaic project has created over 8,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities in the local area during its construction period, trained a group of local skilled workers, and provided valuable experience demonstrations for subsequent photovoltaic project construction. After the project is completed, it is expected that the annual power generation will be 300,000 megawatt hours, which can save 117,000 tons of standard coal per year for the local area of Indonesia and provide sufficient electricity for 50,000 households. This will greatly alleviate the power supply shortage around West Java Island in Indonesia, and use photovoltaic power generation to help the Indonesian government achieve the goal of renewable energy proportion as soon as possible.

Focusing on the global green development goals, Topper is committed to promoting technological leadership in energy green transformation and clean development. We have successful project experience in multiple countries and regions around the world. We can provide high-quality construction, integrated operation and maintenance solutions. In the future, we will continue to enhance its green governance capabilities and level, and work together with global customers to contribute to a clean future.