Which Software Is Used for the Design of Solar PV Brackets?

Which Software Is Used for the Design of Solar PV Brackets?

Which software is used for the design of solar photovoltaic brackets of solar photovoltaic solutions? How to design it?

The solar photovoltaic bracket is an important component in the installation of solar panels of ground, roof and floating solar photovoltaic solutions. It is a key equipment for fixing the solar panels in appropriate positions to receive maximum sunlight. The design of solar photovoltaic brackets refers to the process of planning and arranging the installation position, inclination angle, direction, etc. of solar panels, taking into account factors such as terrain, weather, and usage requirements, and considering structural stability, material selection, cost, etc., to design the system of corresponding solar photovoltaic brackets.

In practical work, as an important part of bracket design, the design and modeling of solar photovoltaic brackets for the roof, ground and floating solar photovoltaic systems are headaches for designers, especially for designers who have just come into contact with the photovoltaic industry.

Firstly, there is software. Currently, there is no industry convention commonly known as fixed software, and the software used in various households is different: one that uses PKPM, one that uses 3D3S, one that uses SAP2000, one that uses staadpro, one that uses Midas, and one that uses structural mechanics solvers... It can be said that there are various types of software, so what software is suitable for calculating solar photovoltaic brackets?

As a qualified structural engineer, we should understand that software is just a tool. The above software can analyze the structural forces, and it can be used for pre-processing. However, we prioritize using analysis software that is easy to operate and internationally applicable. Here, it is recommended to use PKPM and SAP2000 software.

As a frontline design technician, I often hear some questions: can PKPM be considered a solar photovoltaic bracket? Is it accurate to calculate the results of solar photovoltaic brackets using a software that calculates gate steel? Is the stress produced by SAP2000 reliable?

I believe you may also have the same question. Here is a unified answer.
(1) PKPM can be considered as a solar photovoltaic bracket, with dual or single columns, but many parameters require special settings.
(2) SAP2000 does not include the "Cold Formed Thin Wall Steel Specification", so the stress obtained is inaccurate and cannot be directly used using the stress ratio provided by the software.