The Comprehensive Building of "Photovoltaic+" Mode

The Comprehensive Building of "Photovoltaic+" Mode

The "Photovoltaic+" mode will be comprehensively built. Then, 115 coal mining induced subsidence becomes the focus of new energy.

In this year, the National Development and Reform Commission of China issued a letter about the use of the damaged land in mining subsidence area to develop photovoltaic power generation. It requires every province and city of China to provide the use of the damaged land in mining subsidence area to develop photovoltaic power generation to promote the comprehensive use of the damaged land in mining subsidence area.

According to the document, 115 districts and municipalities in 23 provinces were listed in the national comprehensive control plan for coal mining subsidence areas and concentrated in key coal mining subsidence areas. The above-mentioned provinces and cities need to provide information on the development of photovoltaic power generation using damaged land in coal mining subsidence areas.

In details, the main reasons of the local is suitable to use the damaged land in mining subsidence area to develop photovoltaic power generation. The relevant work of the local government has carried out relevant work to develop photovoltaic power generation using the damaged land in the mining subsidence area. Please provide the information of the PV power generation projects for roof solar solutions, ground solar solutions and floating solar solutions, which were completed, under construction or under planning (including the construction scale, the land area of the subsidence area, the total amount of investment, the source and amount of funds, the average annual online electricity and electricity price, the economic benefits, etc.). These related provinces should also offer the achievements and experiences, difficulties and problems we faced, the ideas for the next step and policy suggestions about PV power generation.
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In addition, other counties (cities, districts and banners) in this province (region or city) were not included in the list. If there are typical projects or cases of photovoltaic power generation using damaged land in coal mining subsidence area, relevant information can be provided together.

In fact, China has begun to explore the scheme of photovoltaic treatment of mining subsidence area as early as 2015. China's first photovoltaic leader base was implemented in southern suburbs of Datong district, Xinrong District and Zuoyun County which formed 1,687.8 square kilometers of coal mining subsidence area. After investigation and research, Datong city will develop photovoltaic power generation base of the main direction selected in the mining subsidence area.

In recent years, Datong has built a 1.5GW photovoltaic treatment base for coal mining subsidence area. On one hand, Datong actively carries out comprehensive treatment work for coal mining subsidence area. On the one hand, it organizes people in coal mining subsidence area to move their homes, on the other hand, it relies on abundant solar energy resources, and photovoltaic power stations should be built in coal mining subsidence areas to solve the problems of living sources and ecological environment management after people are relocated.

Three Gorges New Energy has built a photovoltaic power station in coal mining subsidence area in Zuoyun County with complementary design of forest and light and planted caragana microphylla, sabina vulgaris, cypress and other plants in the photovoltaic site. The backfill area to reduce soil erosion caused by cracks. The whole site and the backfill part of surface cracks have a total green area of more than 3,700 Mu.

The construction project of the National Advanced Technology Photovoltaic Demonstration Base in Shanxi Datong Coal Mining Subsidence Area, which was connected to the grid in 2016. It has a construction scale of 1 million KW, covering an area of 49,600 Mu, and generated more than 4.4 billion KWH of electricity. Beneath rows of photovoltaic panels, Datong's sunken coal mining area is being reborn.

In addition, Shanxi Yangquan also carried out the treatment of photovoltaic coal mining subsidence area. The scale reached 1GW. The construction of Anhui Lianghuai coal mining subsidence area of national advanced technology photovoltaic demonstration base has reached 1GW. 1GW photovoltaic demonstration base was built in the mining subsidence area of Baotou city. Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, built a 500MW photovoltaic coal mining subsidence area leading base. Jining, Xintai each built a 500MW photovoltaic mining subsidence area base.

For example, The State Power Investment Corporation has built a surface photovoltaic power station in the coal mining subsidence area of Huainan, Anhui Province. The project adopts the complementary method of fishing and light. The upper surface is used for photovoltaic power generation and the lower layer is used for aquaculture, which greatly improves the economic output in per unit area, the water quality of the subsidence area and the living environment of the surrounding residents.

Using the water surface of more than 6,000 Mu of Huainan coal mining subsidence area, laying 72 photovoltaic panel matrix covers a total area of about 1,393 mu, with a total installed capacity of 40MW. It is estimated that the project can provide 1 billion KWH of clean energy for Huainan during the 25 years of operation. That is to say, 16,800 photovoltaic panels can provide electricity to meet the annual electricity demand of 17,200 households. In addition, the project saves about 400,000 tons of standard coal and reduces nearly 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

With the gradual maturity of photovoltaic treatment of coal mining subsidence area model, the PV power generation has been gradually entered in Yijinhuoluo County in Inner Mongolia 500MW coal mining subsidence area ecological governance photovoltaic project and Pingchuan district, Baiyin city, Gansu Province coal mining subsidence area photovoltaic demonstration base project.