How to Select Solar PV Floating Body?

How to Select Solar PV Floating Body?

It is very essential to optimize floating body to meet the challenge of special environment. Then, How to select solar PV floating body ?

In floating photovoltaic plants on water surface, the selection of floating body is undoubtedly the most important thing, which can be said to be one of the biggest differences between the solar photovoltaic project on water surfact and the ground solar photovoltaic project. Chunqiu Wu introduced that at present, most of the floating body materials of the mainstream water surface floating power station are made of HDPE (modified high-density polyethylene), while the floating structure mostly adopts a single floating body mounting component. Without mature technical guidance, some power stations adopted the mode of connecting multiple floating bodies into a whole and using multi-point support before. However, due to the failure to consider the movement of floating bodies when wind is encountered, it will cause great losses the overall deformation of floating solar pv mounting. In addition, in the processing technology of floating body, the current mainstream technology is blow molding. A small part is roll molding and injection + welding, which should be considered in many aspects during selection, transportation and installation to prevent water leakage of floating body.

Because the floating solar photovoltaic power station on water surface is built outdoors, the weather resistance of the floating system of power station and the adaptability to the complex environment are greatly tested by the natural ecological environment. In this regard, Xiao said that in order to solve the problems of photooxidation aging, thermooxidation aging, stress fatigue and water quality adaptability, we should start with the materials of the floating body. And the floating body structure and square array should be able to meet the needs of various loads.

Floating solar photovoltaic power station on water surface is different from ground solar power station. Due to it floats on the water surface, the floating solar photovoltaic power station is easy to float and move. At this time, it needs anchors to locate quickly. If it is slightly slower, it may collide with each other after a strong wind, causing damage to the floating body and photovoltaic solar module. In this regard, Bingqing Yuan said that during the construction of the solar square array, the platform construction, floating body splicing, component installation and positioning and other processes need to be carried out at the same time with the anchor block production, anchor block water positioning and launching, anchor system fixed unit square array and so on. Then, it can ensure the accurate positioning of the solar square array keep from damage.

It is understood that there is no mature experience to follow in the design of anchoring system of floating solar photovoltaic power station on water surface in China, so there are different design schemes. And now the most headaches "enemy" of anchoring system are wind and wave. Bingqing Yuan said that in the early stage of the system design, the data standards are far higher than the actual working conditions. And it is also technically and economically difficult to achieve. After the special demonstration, the wind speed is revised to 22.5m/s and the wave height is 0.2m based on the design and check opinions. On the premise of slow wind and wave check, the flow speed is designed as 1m/s, and the length of anchor rope is reserved to cope with the water level change.

At the same time, the water level monitoring system shall be installed in each solar photovoltaic water area, and the early warning mechanism will be started when it is beyond the design scope. In order to deal with the risk of low water level, underwater surveying and mapping should be carried out in the early stage of construction. Underwater dredging vessels should be used to clear all underwater obstacles to meet the requirements of water level drop change, so as to avoid sharp objects stabbing the floating body caused by water level drop.
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