How to Avoid the Risk of Floating Solar Systems? - Part One

How to Avoid the Risk of Floating Solar Systems? - Part Two

2. The anchorage system design is the key.
The function of the anchorage system is to fix the floating phalanx, cope with the rise and fall of water level, resist strong wind, big waves and water flow, control the displacement range of the floating phalanx, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the floating photovoltaic power station. The local wind load, water depth and drop, water scale, terrain and other key environmental factors need to be comprehensively considered for the anchorage system design. It also needs to be "theory + experiment" analysis and accumulate the implementation experience of several projects to ensure safety.
If the design team has no experience in large-scale projects, the problem of unreasonable anchoring design will be exposed on the construction site, which makes the anchoring point stress exceed the allowable range of the system, and then leads to the failure of the entire anchoring system. It has a great impact on the whole floating solar system. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for the accident of Chinese floating photovoltaic power stations is the failure of the anchorage system caused by unreasonable design, which has taught us a heavy lesson.

Topper has a professional floating photovoltaic anchor team. Through environmental input flow, wind load calculation, a large number of wind tunnel experiments to determine the role related coefficient and professional hydrodynamic analysis software, we can do research for the model the floating array and coupling analysis. 

Based on the coupling analysis results, the anchoring system optimization design can be done. Each cable force and phalanx floating drift can be checked. The floating array to receive strength evenly in the anchorage point can be ensured in order to satisfy the requirements of structural mechanics. 
In addition, in view of the acting force of the anchored foundation, Topper also conducts in-depth research on the acting mechanism of the foundation, accurately masters the friction coefficient of the anchored foundation by combining theory with experiment, and accurately calculates the force to ensure that the anchored foundation will not slip under extreme stress.
3. After-sale technical guidance is the guarantee.
Rich installation and construction guidance experience of large projects, professional after-sales technical team, scientific construction platform construction suggestions and sub-square temporary anchoring scheme and other technical guidance support play an important role in the smooth implementation of the whole floating PV system, which can minimize the risk in the floating solar construction. The construction technical guidance is very important for the construction progress of the project, but there are very few manufacturers whose after-sales technical guidance is insufficient and responsibilities and obligations are not fulfilled.

In order to reduce project risks as much as possible, Topper provides design suggestions of floating pv construction platform according to different topographic characteristics of the project. Then, the site topographic conditions and construction schedule requirements can be met. The temporary anchoring of the sub-square is more important. Scientific, reasonable and easily operate temporary anchoring schemes should be adopted in the construction process to ensure the safety of floating square arries under occasional extreme weather conditions. In addition, the impact of wind lift at the edge of the array and safety measures throughout the life of the project need to be considered so that there are no similar temporary anchorage failures, phalanx collisions and overturns at the construction site.

Floating PV is on the rise, even in Africa and remote Pacific islands, showing a spark of fire. The future is unlimited. However, on the one hand, the superiority of the floating photovoltaic can be fully developed. Clean electricity earnings can be harvested. And the global development of floating photovoltaic can be developed. On the other hand, the excellent floating photovoltaic system suppliers which can provide customers with complete floating pv solutions need to be selected carefully and seriously. The various risks in the project construction process can be reduced as much as possible to ensure the reliability of the floating pv power station. Then, the long-term returns and profits can be achieved.