Chinese Floating PV Reached The Second Development Peak - (2)

Chinese Floating PV Reached The Second Development Peak - (2)

Regions in the south of the Yangtze River welcomes the second great development of floating solar photovoltaic on the water surface.

With the development of solar photovoltaic industry, the land resources and roof resources of high-quality ground power station are less and less. In the era of affordable Internet access, the scarcity of land resources of high-quality solar photovoltaic power station will become more prominent. After experiencing the first development peak of solar photovoltaic leading base in mining subsidence area, floating solar photovoltaic ushered in the second development peak in regions in the south of the Yangtze Rive with more water resources and better conditions.

Guping reservoir 24MW floating solar pv power station on water surface in Guigang, Guangxi Province.

In the last two months of 2019, the first or largest floating pv power station on water surface in Hunan province, Jiangxi province, Guangxi province and other provinces will be started in a centralized manner. The application scenarios involve reservoirs, fish ponds, rivers, etc. Some of them have large water level drop, some have high snow load, and some of them can't pile in the underwater karst terrain. Each project has different technical problem. After years of technology accumulation, the leading enterprises in the floating photovoltaic industry such as solar power can provide perfect floating photovoltaic solutions including solar floating pv mounting systems. The individual problems of these different projects have been properly solved, which has not hindered the smooth construction of the power station, but the common problem supply problem has become a roadblock.
"From November to December last year, the delivery of floating photovoltaic equipment was particularly concentrated. Such a large number of high-frequency delivery in such a short period of time is a difficult task for most surface photovoltaic equipment suppliers." When it comes to the delivery at the end of last year, Jing Zhang, deputy general manager of sunshine floating body, remembers it vividly. She told to reporters: "At that time, the grid connection dates of several projects in Yiyang, Yueyang, Gao'an, Guigang, Beijing and other places were close at hand. All is in the rush period. Fortunately, we have our own photovoltaic floating body production plant, and we also have the experience of centralized supply of large projects to meet the customer delivery time. At the busiest time, plus the delivery of projects outside Shanghai, we deliver more than 40 inbound containers and long flat semi trailers in one day. "

Yueyang 20MW floating solar pv power station on water surface in Hunan province.

According to some reporters, solar photovoltaic on water surface does not occupy land resources. It also has unique advantages in policy and environmental access, moreover it has higher power generation. With the promulgation of the competitive price indicators in southern provinces such as Lianghu and Guangdong in 2020, some important projects have emerged gradually. And some floating photovoltaic manufacturers, including solar power, with mature schemes, controllable delivery period and strong after-sales support are ready. It can be predicted that the region in the south of Yangzte River will take over the Huaihe regions and it will reach in the second great development of solar floating photovoltaic on water surface.
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