China’s First FPV + Fish Pond Power Station

China’s First FPV + Fish Pond Power Station

The water surface photovoltaic technology seminar sponsored by the Training Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Sunshine Power Co., Ltd, Water Planning Institute and Anhui Energy Bureau, was held in Hefei. With more than 200 guests including domestic design institutes, power station owners, EPC enterprises, equipment enterprises and industry media, the reporter of century new energy network learned the latest cutting-edge courses such as the design, development mode and equipment selection of the fish pond power station.

In December 2015, one report about the water surface photovoltaic power generation planning report in coal mining subsidence area in Huainan and Huaibei cities was reviewed by the General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, and it was submitted to the National Energy Administration for approval. The total installed capacity of water surface photovoltaic power generation in this plan is 3.2GW, which includes 80,200 mu of water surface and 33,457 mu of land in Huaibei, Bozhou, Suzhou, Fuyang and Huainan. This will lead to an explosive growth of water surface photovoltaic power generation in the next few years, and the market scale will exceed 100 billion.

The floating mounting system is the "floating buoy of water engineering", which is also called "combined modular floating platform". The product of floating pv bracket is made from HMWHDPE (high molecular polyethylene), one kind of synthetic material with high molecular weight and high density. It is also added with anti ultraviolet material. It has enough toughness, hardness, which can withstand the changes of the natural environment and low temperature. The weight is light. The buoyancy is high. It has acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance and assembly. It has the advantages of flexible conversion, long life, bright coloured appearance, corrosion resistance, frost protection, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, no erosion of seawater and so on. Without pollution and without damage to the environment, the whole floating pv brackets are seamless and there is no problem with water penetration. It is also recyclable. Thus, it has been widely applied at home and abroad.

In addition, the product has high bearing capacity. The cylinder is stable and durable, and the buoyancy per square meter can reach more than 350kg. The flame test shows that the floating mounting system has good impact damage resistance. It can work normally from - 60 ℃ to ≤ 80 ℃.

The operation and maintenance personnel of the power station said that after the operation of the 20MW project, it not only solved the current situation of power shortage of Baihu Farm, but also shared the pressure of local power grid operation. As the project is built in the fishing ground and beach, the needs of developing aquaculture and planting industry at the same time were fully considered for the installment of the photovoltaic array. The construction of photovoltaic power station made full use of the beach and lake resources to develop agriculture and fishery.

The inverter is the centralized product of Sunshine Power. Due to the particularity of fish pond complementary power station, the technical scheme of centralized power station is convenient for later operation and maintenance. Sunshine Power has more than 18 years of technology experience in the photovoltaic inverter industry. Every year, it introduces 2-3 new products representing the industry trend. It has a rich product spectrum to meet the needs of different scenarios. Since 2008, Sunshine Power’s products have entered the European and American markets and they have been widely used. At present, the products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Offices are set up in many countries and regions around the world to provide better service support for local and surrounding enterprises.