Brand New Floating Solar Power Park Launched in Holland

Brand New Floating Solar Power Park Launched in Holland

Here is one brand new floating solar power park having been launched in Holland. Let us see it now.

Evides Wateredrijf, a Dutch water supplier, has completed the construction of a 1.62 MW floating solar power station at a reservoir in Kralingen near Rotterdam.

The power station is estimated to generate 1.7 million kwh per year and is expected to cover about 15% of the power demand of the company's adjacent facilities.

Evides Waterbedrijf said it would begin to assess the impact of 4787 photovoltaic modules used at the plant sometime next year, focusing on algae growth, the spread of bacteria in bird droppings, the reduction of UV radiation over water and the impact of wind power. On one hand, this floating solar PV plants also need the floating solar pv mountings in good quality. On the other hand, "It is essential that the reservoir maintain good water quality," the company supervisor said.

The company also added that it may build more floating solar power plants on the other three reservoirs, including the 350 hectare Biesbosch reservoir. The company estimates that deploying solar panels on 30% of the water will meet all of its electricity needs.

Evides Waterbedrijf is one part of the national floating solar consortium - an initiative launched by Rijksworterstaat, the general director of public works and water management in the Netherlands. The Dutch applied water research foundation (STOWA) is also the part of the consortium, which is jointly supervised by the Ministry of infrastructure and environment and the solar energy application community (SEAC).
There is a huge potential for floating photovoltaic power generation in the Netherlands because it has about 52,000 hectares of shallow inland water available. In March 2017, Rijksworterstaat, a subsidiary of the Dutch Ministry of infrastructure and environment, announced plans to use the water and land under its control for the installation of renewable energy power plants.
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