Affected by Covid-19, Seychelles 5MW Floating PV Plant Was Delayed.

Affected by Covid-19, Seychelles 5MW Floating PV Plant Was Delayed.

Affected by covid-19, the construction of Seychelles 5MW floating photovoltaic power station was delayed.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, the travel was restricted accordingly and the construction of a 5 MW floating photovoltaic power station in Seychelles was delayed.

Qair said in March that its goal is that this power station including the floating solar pv mounting will start installing in July. According to Imaduwa, the originally construction time which was planned to start in 2020 will be delayed by several months to ensure that selected bidders have enough time to meet the requirements of all conditions. Physical presence is required for some of the personnel involved in the technical design of the power plant, but it cannot be achieved due to travel restrictions designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The Commission's chief executive suggested that independent power producers (IPP) might face some cost influence due to this delay.

The project, located on the lagoon of Providence on the island of Mahe, will create the world's largest floating solar system on the sea. The power off-take agreement of 5.8 GWH per year will be signed in the coming months. That means that the floating solar photovoltaic racks are needed accordingly.

According to Qair, the project will also be the first solar array developed by an independent power producer in Seychelles. The project will be built on 40,000 square meters of water, with 13500 solar panels installed. After completion, the power generation of the project will account for about 2% of the total power generation of the islands.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), the installed photovoltaic capacity in Seychelles was only 0.9 MW before the end of 2018.
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